I fucking love this man.

Anonymous asked:

youre a good woman. one day you will find a good man who will treat you like you want. don't give up hope.

Jack's shadow Answer:




Will I?

Self-proclaimed dominant men are everywhere. But finding one who’s truly, inherently dominant in the way you need them to be, who wants the same things you do, who also inspires submission because you look at them and can’t imagine not doing anything you can to please them?

There’s still hope, but it’s waning.

It is hard enough to find someone who wants what you want when thinking about life goals, locations and things, it gets harder when you bring kink into it.

I may be a perv, but I’m also an old romantic who believes that you’ll find someone who fits if you’re patient, though I often see people who settle for good enough because they’re tired of waiting.

Don’t settle, someone who is perfect for you might be just around the corner, but til you find them have all the fun you want.

subgirlygirl is a fucking treasure as far as I’m concerned.

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